AquaTerra Rescue Kit (ARK)

AquaTerra Rescue Kit

  • The ARK rescue system is specifically designed for work at height and confined space rescue operations
  • Capability to safely raise or lower up to 2 persons at the same time
  • The ARK is a manually-operated system for raising and lowering rescuers and casualties.
  • Allowing you to react immediately, ‘straight from the bag’ it is an essential rescue system for any work at height and confined space operations.


  • The ARK can be operated by one person and used to safely raise or lower two persons at the same time (rescuer and casualty).
  • Quick and simple to setup; once deployed ‘straight from the bag’, attach the anchor to a suitable point and the system is ready to use.
  • 4:1 ratio pulley system rated to 272kg
  • Developed for a wide variety of industrial environments.
  • Optional reach rescue pole for attaching ARK to casualty or to create a remote anchor point.
  • We can assess requirements and provide a complete solution.


  • Manufactured from stainless steel and high grade aluminum components.
  • The ARK is fitted with hard- wearing low stretch rope as standard. Heat-resistant rope is also available for high temperature areas.
  • Standard rope length from 50m – 200m are available.
  • All components are to EN standard and are supplied in a Hi-Vis Rescue Bag with shoulder straps for hands-free transportation.