Standby Rescue Teams

Rescue Capabilities

Aquaterra Training can provide standby rescue teams for any Confined Space Entry task at any time. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals can provide ad-hoc basis to suit the clients needs.

Our team can prepare the rescue plans, risk assessments and carry out any initial entry gas testing. AquaTerra supply all required breathing apparatus and rescue equipment. Our multi-disciplined crew are also trained and will be able to provide emergency first aid immediately after rescue.

This service also provides a cost saving as recruiting a permanent rescue team or training your own staff is time consuming and costly.

Key Industries


Distilleries often need to enter confined spaces on site to carry out cleaning and maintenance to equipment. A fully trained onsite rescue team will help carry out initial gas testing and prepare all paperwork and can provide immediate rescue cover.



Construction companies can benefit from the cost saving by using our standby teams as rescue cover for any confined space entries. This saves the costly and time-consuming process of training a permanent rescue team.



Smaller Oil and gas sites may benefit from the use of a dedicated standby rescue team all the expertise will be contained within one team and it will allow multiple workscopes to continue instead of utilising other work party’s multi-skilling as the standby team.