Courses - Health & Safety - Abrasive Wheels Awareness

Duration: Half Day

Price: £135.00
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This half-day abrasive wheels training course is a valuable opportunity for individuals to learn the proper techniques for handling and using abrasive wheels in a safe and effective manner. This type of training is essential for anyone who works with abrasive wheels, as it can help prevent accidents and injuries on the job.

Abrasive wheels, also known as grinding wheels, are tools that are commonly used for grinding, cutting, and sanding various materials. They consist of a hard, abrasive substance, such as aluminum oxide or silicon carbide, that is bonded to a central core, typically made of steel or plastic. Abrasive wheels are capable of producing very high temperatures and can generate significant amounts of dust and debris, making them potentially hazardous to use if not handled properly.

During a half-day abrasive wheels training course, participants will learn about the different types of abrasive wheels and their appropriate uses. This will include information on the different abrasive materials, such as aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, as well as the different bonding agents that are used to hold the abrasive material to the wheel. Participants will also learn about the various shapes and sizes of abrasive wheels, and how to choose the right wheel for a given task.

The training will also cover the safe handling and use of abrasive wheels. This will include information on how to properly mount and balance abrasive wheels, as well as how to check them for damage or wear before use. Participants will also learn about the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) that should be worn when using abrasive wheels, such as face shields, gloves, and respiratory protection.

We’ll also discuss important safety measures to keep in mind, common hazards to avoid, and how to maintain your abrasive wheels for long-lasting use. Sign up for our abrasive wheels training course today and take the first step towards becoming a proficient and skilled user of these valuable tools.

Visit the official HSE Website for more information. 

Abrasive Wheels Course Elements:

  • Statutory requirements, HSW Act 1974, PUWER 1998, The Supply of Machinery (safety) (Amendment) Regulations 1994 and the PPE 1992
  • Types of abrasive wheels
  • Methods of marking, type, speed etc.
  • British standard marking system
  • Hazards and precautions to be taken
  • Storage, handling and transporting
  • Inspection of abrasive wheels
  • Functions of abrasive wheels machines components
  • Mounting of abrasive wheels
  • Truing & Dressing of abrasive wheels
  • Assessment

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