Courses - Health & Safety - Benzene Awareness

Duration: 2 hours

Price: £135.00
Course Dates
This course has no scheduled dates and will be run at client request only. To send a booking request for this course, please fill in the form below.

This comprehensive instruction covers everything you need to know to safely and effectively handle this potentially hazardous chemical. You’ll learn about the properties and uses of benzene, as well as the health risks associated with exposure. We’ll also discuss important safety measures to keep in mind, such as proper ventilation, personal protective equipment, and how to handle spills and leaks.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get personalized guidance from our experienced instructors. Sign up for our benzene awareness training course today and take the first step towards protecting yourself and your coworkers from the risks of benzene.

Find out more information on Benzene from the official HSE website.


Benzene Awareness Course Elements:

  • What is Benzene?
  • Use of Benzene in the workplace
  • How you can be exposed to Benzene
  • Health hazards of Benzene
  • Permissible limits of Benzene
  • How to protect yourself from Benzene
  • Gas monitoring
  • Use of respirators
  • Medical surveillance & first aid
  • HSE rules on Benzene

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