Training – Who Needs it and Why is it so Important?

Every day in the workplace potentially hazardous activities are conducted and it is vitally important that not only employers but also the employees involved in these tasks are aware of these hazards and which appropriate control measures should be in place to manage them.

Hazards at work are only recognised if staff are made aware of their potential and this is where the many awareness training courses held at AquaTerra Training can be really helpful to equip your team with the knowledge they need.

This may be through the use of the specific pieces of equipment/PPE/PFPE that are discussed, demonstrated and used by the delegates in practical or scenario-based classroom training.

Lets work to avoid accidents…

Accidents and incidents which occur in the workplace, can serve as ideal lessons learned or opportunities to best demonstrate how a hazard could be avoided in similar scenarios in the future. Our courses strive to show how so many of these accidents and incidents could and should not occur.

Within the workplace there is an expected duty of care from both employer and employee. From a company’s point of view there is a moral and legal obligation to look after all their employees. Following attending an AquaTerra training course, each employee has the necessary information, instruction and appropriate supervision to carry out their responsibilities in a safe manner.

AquaTerra Training cater to each individual…

From an individual or employee standpoint, appropriate training for the tasks that they might undertake is essential. This way, they will receive the tools needed to know what is right and wrong, what to do or not to do and the knowledge to recognise what would be considered an unsafe activity.

The training requirements will vary depending on the individual, such as a new start who may be unaware of the routine hazards and controls concerning work activities that a fully competent person, longer in the role, would take as second nature. Refresher training is just as important however, to maintain a longer-term employee’s skills, knowledge, ability and experience in conducting their tasks.

You are the important one…

From a selfish point of view at work, there is nobody more important that yourself when it comes to safety, but also, it is your individual acts and omissions that could hurt or endanger others at work. This is a point that AquaTerra Training Instructor Dale White always draws his delegate’s attention to on his training courses as there are so many examples when a person may do something at work that would not harm themselves but may have bigger implications on others e.g., dropped objects whilst working at height.

‘With such a large focus on safe practice, we empower our delegates by having the information and knowledge gained on our training courses, to have the confidence speak up if they see an unsafe activity taking place in the workplace and hopefully reduce the amount unnecessary incidents and accidents occurring.’ says Dale.

‘Every delegate attending AquaTerra Training is treated with respect and as an individual. Personally, I endeavour to ensure every delegate leaves with the full knowledge they require whether they are managers, supervisors or new starts to their role.’

Work with first class training instructors…

We are extremely proud of our team of Instructors here at AquaTerra Training, who have a collective 40 years training experience across our immediate team, comprising of Senior Training Instructor Davie Drysdale, and Training Instructors Dale White, Ross Lambert and Joe Saunders.

Our team come from rich career backgrounds as part of the Airforce Fire Service, as well as Agricultural Management and Climbing Instruction.

AquaTerra’s in house instructors are also supported by a brilliant team of ad-hoc instructors with similar levels of experience and knowledge, meaning your delegates are always guaranteed to be in excellent hands.